What is Increase Facebook Fans?

Every generation has something to claim as its own. A child of the 60’s would know Elvis Presley, Barbie, James Bond, Hippies and of course the English rock band Beatles. A 70’s kid grew up with Saturday Night Fever, mood rings, roller skates, Wonderwoman, Farrah Fawcett and platform shoes. An 80s kid grew up with Walkman, DeLorean, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Indiana Jones, The Empire Strikes Back and The Legend of Zelda. And the 90’s witnessed WordArt, troll dolls, tamagotchi, Nintendo Game Boy, Captain Planet, old school Aol Instant Messenger and mIRC.

People need to increase Facebook fans for a reason. Facebook is for everyone who lived past 2006 – the year when Facebook was launched publicly as a social networking site for anyone who is at least 13 years old and has a valid email address. With over one billion active users, Facebook is the biggest social networking site with over 100 billion connections, more than 250 million photos uploaded every day and over 425 million mobile users all over the world.

Even big brands like Coca-Cola, Apple, Starbucks, Oreo, Converse and Red Bull are utilizing Facebook for marketing and even customer support. Facebook has become a part of our social life not just for communicating with friends and families but as wells as for developing and marketing brand profiles and online presence. Facebook is more than just a social site but it has evolved as a marketing platform for small and large companies who want to directly connect with prospects and customers online.

Research shows that 87% of customers “Like” brands on Facebook. 35% of customers who clicked the Like button believed that brands take more time to listen to customers when on Facebook while 82% of the users believed that the social network is a good place to interact with brands. When people like a brand on Facebook, 75% of them feel that they are personally in touched with the brand. Meanwhile, 69% of customers Like a brand online because a friend just did. And do you know that a Facebook page is more useful than a company website? Interesting. These reasons alone, are enough for you to increase Facebook fans on your companies/brands page.

For fan page owners, getting Facebook likes is important.There are many methods users can employ to get more likes. They can send invites to people or get likes by using promos. If they don’t have the time to promote their page, they can always buy Facebook likes.
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Social Media

Businesses spend thousands of money in advertising and marketing efforts including radio and newspaper ads, TV commercials, brochures, jingles, billboards, etc. The question is how effective are these advertising efforts are and how much conversion does your business gets? Compared to Facebook, marketing costs are lower. Conversion is higher. When you buy Facebook fans, it gives you a shortcut, instant social credibility and a step up on your competition.

If your customers are on Facebook, let them know you’re there too. If you want more customers, get them on Facebook. Get people to like your page, convert them to customers and make them your loyal fans.

But how do you get attention to your page? A few Likes here and there is not impressive. You need more Facebook likes to establish online credibility. Would you ever like a brand that has ten Facebook page likes? Between a brand that has over a thousand likes and a hundred likes, which would you choose? Which brand looks more credible and trustworthy online?

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